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Panama Big Game Sport Fishing Blog

May 5th 2011

New Owner Mr "C", Buys Panama Big Game Fishing Club

New Owner Mr "C", Buys Panama Big Game Fishing Club. Just to let you have some understanding, as to who I am, and to my intentions with the Club. Basically I am a 48 year old British guy from Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, who has been residing in Dubai and the Seychelles for the past 11 years. I have enjoyed business success in the Computer Industry, IT Recruitment, Oil and Gas and the Real Estate sector, but more importantly have been a passionate sports fishermen, since the age of 4.

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Apr 30th 2010

Panama Fishing Video – Bait Ball – Tuna feeding Frenzy!

Bait Balls filmed in March and April 2010 close to Boca Brava, Panama.

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May 3rd 2009

Panama Big Game Fishing Club Photos

The Pacific Coast of Panama provides a world class sport fishing experience. The waters around Hannibal Bank, Coiba Island and Isla Montuosa are perfect for off-shore and in-shore fishing. Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and Grouper - all put up a good fight! Snapper, Roosterfish, Amber Jack, and Snook are inshore favorites.

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May 8th 2007

Trevor Gowdy - Quest For The One - To Air Soon

Filmed at Panama Big Game - To Air Soon
Blue Marlin! Black Marlin! Yellow fin Tuna!

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Mar 1st 2005

Big Game Fishing Journal March/April 2005 Issue

Our Captain, ChiChi Gonzales, the son of a commercial fisherman, and himself a 30 year charter boat veteran had been fishing through the years for many of the sportfishing operations on the west coast of Panama. Capt. Gonzales is a powerfully built man with an exuberant personality, winning smile, and a real passion for fishing.

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Jan 1st 2005

Marlin Magazine January 2005 Issue

Just 200 miles or so west of Panama City on Central America's Pacific coast lie some of the most famous fishing grounds in the world. Mention Hannibal Bank or Isla Coiba to any serious big-game fisherman and images of giant black marlin, tackle-busting yellowfin tuna and bulldog cubera snappers immediately fill his head.

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